Hormones and Hormone Testing

A fantastically fun podcast with the amazing Dr. Kara Fitzgerald with whom I have known since medical school! We discuss hormone testing, getting to the root cause, hormone metabolites and detoxification, COMT, the "pregnenolone steal," DHEA versus DHEA-S, clinical pearls and more!

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How Your Hormones & Cortisol are Affecting your Health!

Do not miss this jam-packed hour as Dr. Tyna Moore (who is a major badass and someone I really admire) and I break it all down including things you can do to help lower stress and improve your hormone balance. We get pretty real and honest!

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The Natural Thyroid Masterclass

Why are your Thyroid and Endocrine System not getting along? I was a speaker for The Natural Thyroid Masterclass explaining what happens when your thyroid, HPA, HPO (or HPG) axis fight. It is a paid course for practitioners - search under 'Masterclass'

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Understanding PCOS and your Lab Test

Amy and I dig into PCOS, common symptoms, associated conditions and why testing appropriately is so important. Did you know that some of the same hormones made in your ovaries are also made in your adrenal glands? 

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If your Vagina ain't Happy, ain't Nobody Happy!

Margaret Romero and I talk all about vaginal health on her Sacred Medicine Podcast If you are suffering from repeat vaginal infections, then this is a good one to hear! Always make sure you get worked up properly though. Don't assume all infections are candida. 

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Hormones and Pooping in a Cup for Science (Gut Health)

Dr. Jacobi (from SIBO Doctor) and I talk all about digestion, absorption, inflammation and your hormones. You are what you assimilate and if your gut is a mess then your hormones will be a mess too!

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Why Cortisol Dominant People Can't Lose Weight!

Listen closely as Roland Pankewich from Metabolic Mastery and I discuss cortisol's role in weight/fat including inflammation and the enzyme 11bHSD. We cover a lot of great information when it comes to weight and hormone balance plus some helpful tips for those who struggle!

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Does Adrenal Fatigue Exist?


This super popular and extremely controversial podcast with Mike Mutzel from High Intensity Health is a 45 minute ride through HPA axis discussion and the concept of "Adrenal Fatigue" being a bit outdated.  While the symptoms are absolutely real, remember that the adrenals only do what the brain tells them to do. We must start higher with the HPA axis. Don't miss this information!

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Natural Solutions for Hormone Imbalances

Bridgit Danner, LAc from Women's Wellness Radio/Women's Wellness Collaborative and I had such a blast discussing common hormone imbalances and what you can do about them!

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The #1 health podcast in Sweden with Anna Sparre!

In this you’ll learn about hormonal imbalances; as well as symptom, testing and treatment. I explain this hugely complicated subject in a way that everyone can understand and give practical tips and tricks of how to improve your hormonal imbalances with food, supplements and other lifestyle factors

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The Thyroid Answers Podcast

Listen or watch as I join Dr. Eric Balcavage and Dr. Erica Riggleman as we discuss your hormone health and how it relates to your thyroid health. Plus, we recorded the day after my birthday! I highly recommend you watch their entire podcast if you struggle with any type of thyroid problem!

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How Your Hormones and Weight are Interconnected

This fun podcast with Katheryn from Girl on Bliss had us diving deep into hormonal health and weight loss. We discussed the role of hormones and what happens when they are imbalanced, foods that might help your hormones, light therapy, the liver, the birth control pill, PCOS, digestion and hormone testing. 

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