Do You Dry Skin Brush?

Do you dry skin brush

I admit, it sounds and looks kind of goofy but I SWEAR it works well and I always feel better after I do it. 

Dry skin brushing works on the lymphatic system. This is the system that connects all of your lymph nodes together (trust me, you have tons of them!) to help your immune system, eliminate toxins, and get rid of fat!  You have lymph nodes in your neck, along your collar bone, in your arm pits, in your belly, down in the inguinal area (where the leg and abdomen meet), and more.

What does dry skin brushing do?

If the lymphatic system becomes congested and sluggish, you may have a tough time getting rid of toxins and other "junk" out of your body.  By gently brushing the skin, it helps move along this system for better health and helps the immune system so it can more easily hop from lymph node to lymph node if needed.

How do I dry skin brush?

Good question - it's super easy.  Using a natural soft-ish bristle brush specific for the bath, start down at your feet and in small, light, quick movements, brush your skin UPWARDS toward your heart. Do not brush up and down - only brush up!  Move from your feet, up the lower leg, behind the knee, over the knee, up your thighs/inner thighs/outer thighs and buttocks (I spend a lot of time here!), then up into your abdomen via the inguinal area (I spend time here too), up your side and front abdomen, up towards your breasts, over your breasts to your heart. Repeat on the other leg. I usually repeat the thighs/buttocks area and abdomen area a few times.  Then I raise my arm and brush from my fingertips down the arm towards the armpits, I spent some time in the arm pits brushing in one direction over and over towards the heard. I go down my neck, along my collar bone and across my chest to the heart. Then I repeat on the other arm.

All in all it takes less than 6 minutes. Plus you will see dead skin flying everywhere so you feel extra healthy and super soft afterwards.

For some people, it can cause some initial "toxin release" so-to-speak.  You may break out a bit, you may notice your skin is red, your armpits may stink more...etc.  While not exactly pleasant, keep going and keep opening up that lymphatic system!

I hop in the shower when I'm down and rinse off then use good lotions and oils afterwards.

Remember to drink a lot of fresh water because the lymphatic system is predominantly made up of water (unlike the cardiovascular system that is blood).

Do this easy little health hack trick daily for improved results!

Carrie Jones

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